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so, i like to write.

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in fact, i have written two-ish manuscripts in the past two years. but i haven't figured out this publishing thing quite yet.


even though i don't know how yet - my ultimate goal is to publish my work.

whether that means i land a literary agent or make my own publishing lane via this online community or go the self-publishing route. we will see.

but as i figure out what publishing looks like for me, my plan is to release content on a regular basis and let my readers help me learn what works.

i'm new to writing fiction, so here's my plan and here's what i need from you:

  • i will be releasing content regularly - including selections of my newest speculative fiction book - starting in March.

  • that means, i need people like you to sign up to receive my content.

  • with the caveat, that you might occasionally be asked to provide feedback on what you read (only if you'd like)

that's it! so, if you don't mind helping a sista out, please subscribe below! thank you for your time & energy! -shh

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