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if God so loved the world.

for all the times we keep saying their names instead of saving their lives.

if God so loved the world.

that God gave us God’s Son.

so that by believing.

we may have eternal life.

who is it that God loves so much.

that God would give us so many begotten sons.

and daughters.

and children?

those born to single mothers.

with melanin tans.

and negroid skin.

bombed on the borderlands of Gaza.

or baked on streets of Ferguson.

does God truly love the whole world?

or just the pieces of it that are washed in white?

parts flowing with milk and honey.

easily funneled to offshore accounts.

what part of God.

are we to believe in.

when God’s beloved still perish.

via crucifixion.

by bullets covered in badges.

or cloaked in colonization?

signed in God’s name.

stamped with the seal.

of love for country.

why is it that God’s sovereignty.

can be proprietary.

only for those in power?

fashioned into a yoke.

to commodify the oppressed.

convincing us that our struggles.

bind us together in “righteousness”.

so that we would then turn blind eye.

to the bloodied begotten sons.

and daughters.

and children who are unchosen.

yet, are still God’s creation.

how are we to remain.

loyal to a God.

whose loyalty is limited.

to a Bloodline?

who overlooks.

the lines of blood.

in the dirt.

the same soil that houses the ancestors.

of both Jew & Gentile.

how are we to love a God.

whose love for the world.

included a heavenly position for our colorless souls.

but not earthly protection for black & brown bodies?

perhaps we’ve misread the fine print.

of the contract God bought us with.

for it’s hard to imagine.

a God who calls us into blind complicity.

before calling us into beloved community.

because if it was love.

that let God’s Son be killed.

to bring us back to God.

then, maybe these massacres befalling us.

is God calling us back to one another.

maybe each dying breath.

is God begging us to believe there is a better way.


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