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Black girl magic & other elixirs | $20 (+$5.00 shipping)

by shantell hinton hill

Black girl magic & other elixirs is my love letter to Black girls & women everywhere and tells of the embodied experiences of a ‘90s Black girl growing up in the American South and how those experiences shaped my becoming a Black woman. 


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Paying homage to my favorite quote, "do the work your soul must have," (coined by the late womanist pioneer Rev. Katie G. Cannon, Ph.D) - I love to create original content and cultural apparel to uplift the soul and preserve Black joy, peace, and thriving. Browse the soul goods below so you can too can let your soul glow.

good grief journal


in august 2021, my bonus dad died. and a piece of me went with him. at the time, i was fully pregnant and struggling with hormones. only to be met with soul shattering grief. and, worse, there was no balm for it. no remedy in sight. everything i read or researched just didn’t seem to help me navigate the profound heaviness that sat on my chest everyday. so, what did i do? i created the resource my soul needed to have as i (as *we* - grief is not experienced alone) try to keep breathing and keep putting one foot in front of the other. I had no idea that i would be finishing it on the heels of my beloved grandmother’s death as well. all the more reason to do the work. this work. of healing while it still hurts. this journal (“good grief: a guided companion of reflection, lamentation, and prayer for people of faith navigating loss) is 80-pages of curated questions, quotes, and prayers taken from the deepest places of theological training and spiritual wisdom that i have. it features scripture, Black feminist scholarship, psychological research, and poetry. it blends together my love for womanism with my desire to see people whole. i have no idea what will come on the other side of it. but i am praying to make this grief be a time of learning and loving {our selves} more fully.

good grief | $22.50 (+$2.50 shipping)

tap out tee

when the 2021 Olympics took place, the world erupted when gymnastics phenom, Simone Biles, decided to choose her wellness over winning. harnessing the magic of Black women choosing our selves, setting boundaries, and doing the work our souls must have - this original mantra (#TapOut) was inspired. as the social media post travelled, friends and strangers alike rallied to make the mantra become the latest soul apparel offering. this any-gendered shirt will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe and remind you that resting is always on time.

product details: any-gender/unisex vintage purple t-shirt with marigold lettering; sizes available (S, M, L, XL, *2X)

* denotes longer shipping time

tap out tee | $20.00

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