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| an adult spec. fiction/fantasy trilogy by shantell hinton hill

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great news, y'all! i signed a book deal for Keepers of the FourTold! it will be a 3 book series which is now entitled, "Dreamkeepers." The books will be published via Scarsdale Publishing, an independent press based in New York.

Currently, I am neck deep working on edits and developing the plots/storyline for book 3! yes, you read that correctly. i've already finished the first draft of book 2 and will be working diligently through the first quarter of 2021 to complete the series. i don't know when book 1 (which is entitled, Dreamkeepers: Rise of the FourTold) will come out. but fingers crossed, it will drop some time in 2021!

that means, unfortunately, i will no longer be releasing chapters of my book on this platform. but i will occasionally post updated content related to the Dreamkeepers trilogy. and i plan to do some online/virtual events to discuss my book, the writing/publishing process, and answer any questions folks might have for me too. 

overall, i am tremendously blessed to be at this place. and i plan to enjoy the journey and keep writing as much as i can. thanks to all who signed up to receive updates about my writing projects and elected to become apart of my readers circle for my novel. for those of you who are interested in what the series is about, you can read the synopsis posted below. and if you want to stay in the loop with me, sign up here to receive updates.

keep up with Dreamkeepers content
before i landed a book deal, several of you subscribed to my readers circle. i remain forever grateful for those of you who have signed on to be my earliest audience. since i no longer plan to post Dreamkeepers chapter by chapter, i will occasionally update the section below to include snippets, character bios, and other downloadable surprises as time allows. please review terms & conditions. you may not make this content public in anyway. for quote attribution or sharing short selections, please use the contact form below for permission.
Dreamkeepers Website Banner.jpg

Dreamkeepers Glossary

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